Tilbury-Davis Coaching


Over the years there has been a variety of interviews and articles featuring David in the Triathlon and related media. Below is a collection of them for those interested to enjoy!

September 2019 - Interview on “The Pacing and Racing” Podcast with Steven Langenhuizen:

May 2019 - Interview on "Endurance Innovation" Podcast with Michael Liberzon & Andrew Buckrell:

December 2018 - Interview on "Inside the Big Ring" Podcast with Steve Brandes: 

October 2018 - STAC Performance Blog (Going long: Factors of success for Cody Beals in the Ironman distance)


September 2018 - Interview on "That Triathlon Show" Podcast with Mikael Eriksson: 

November/December 2017 - Q&A with Triathlon Canada Magazine:

21st September 2017 - "David vs Goliath: Coaching with David Tilbury-Davis" - STRYD Power Blog


November 2017 - Interview on "The Brick Session" Podcast with Mark Livesey:


August 2017 - Interview on "That Triathlon Show" Podcast with Mikael Eriksson: 

February 2014 - Triathlete Europe Magazine Interview:

March 2011 - Triathlete's World Article on Running Form: